Capezzana Barco Reale di Carmignano

Soft, fruity


This wine is made from traditional Carmignano grapes produced by the Nobil Casa Contini Bonacossi at Capezzana, in Carmignano. The vines grow in the ancient Medici estate, the 'Barco Reale' or 'royal property' mentioned in Cosimo de Medici's 'Decreto Motu Proprio' in 1716. With this decrete, which is the pride of Tuscany, Grand Duke Cosimo III set Italy's first laws establishing boundaries and production standards for quality wines.
This fantastic wine is a purplish colour with ruby red shades. The nose is sweet, ample, elegant, very intense and fruity with light tones of oak.
Soft, voluminous and ample on the palate with sweet tannins of medium density in good balance with the acidity. Fruity, sweet, longlasting finish. A staff favourite!

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