Marcillac "Lo Sang del Païs"

soft, light


Marcillac is a tiny obscure appellation near Clairvaux in Aveyron comprising some eight growers. The wines here are made
exclusively from the Mansois grape, otherwise known as Fer or Fer Servadou in Gaillac. Domaine du Cros makes two styles:
a basic “tradition” or Lo Sang del Païs which is quite supple with juicy raspberry flavours underpinned by slate and gravel
notes and the “Cuvée Speciale” from 50-80 year old vines (now called “Vieilles Vignes”) which spends 18 months in old oak
casks and expresses myriad black fruits: myrtille, mure and cassis to name but several. The wines define the notion of
gouleyant or gracia placendi, delicious wine so instantly appealing that we unfurl our tongues and allow the flavours to slide
silkily across our palates without analysis. Clock the Occitan dialect on the label whilst you tuck into milk fed lamb from the
Aveyron (or Sainsbury’s). Other local delicacies include tripoux and aligot (mashed potato and cheese) and fromage de

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