Chandon Garden Spritz

By Ben in Wine Saturday, May 28, 2022

After four years in the making, Chandon of Champagne have created their perfect summer spritz and it doesn't disappoint.

Orange peel from the finest Valencian blood oranges are used to produce a fantastically flavoursome liqueur, which is then blended with Chandon's sparkling wine from their Argentinian vineyards, named best Argentinian sparkling wine of 2020.

The Valencian blood oranges are peeled and the peels used three ways; freshly, macerated and cooked to impart caramel, chocolate and candied flavours, releasing a heavenly smell during the process. With the addition of a secret recipe of herbs and spices, the resulting mix is made into a liqueur.
Once the oranges are peeled, the juice from the oranges is transported to local Argentinian school children.

The liqueur is added to Chandon's award winning sparkling wine, and the resulting spritz is deliciously refreshing and sweet, perfect for the summer. Serve with ice, a slice of dried orange and sprig of rosemary.

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