Braun, Spatburgunder Individuell, 2020


Spätburgunder is a thoroughly distinguished and noble wine. Known for its velvety, soft characteristics and the sometimes rather cool berry aroma with a smoky, spicy bouquet redolent of ripe red fruits. Pre-used 500 litre wooden barrels give it a somewhat more serious character without becoming harsh.

Ideal with grilled or roasted white meat. With its lower tannins, Spätburgunder can even be served alongside rich fish dishes like salmon or halibut, as well as creamy pasta dishes, fresh salads and soft cheeses.

The Braun estate produces varietal-typical but pleasing wines with individual taste and character for special occasions.
Today's Braun winery grew together in the mid-1970s from the two grandparents' businesses in Ellerstadt and Meckenheim. Martin and Michael Braun cultivate their 40 hectares of vineyards out of conviction and with respect for nature.

  • Contains Sulphites
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