Foursquare Touchstone Single Blend


On the nose this rum has an engaging riot of ripe mango skin, tart Victoria plum, crisp white pear, and parsnips with hints of Seville orange oils, and green sugar cane bark, bourbon vanilla, gentle toffee, and butterscotch for it to finish with gentle notes of leather, freshly shelled hazelnuts, dried coconut. The palate is soft and juicy, full of red grapes, dried pineapple, and strawberry jam with soft rose Turkish delight, juicy sultanas, caramel and black tea. The finish has a soothing delivery of chewy honeycomb sweetness, green walnuts, cumin powder, more Seville orange oils, delicate eucalyptus, all intertwined with a delicate oak grip, that reveals the long years of maturation at Foursquare.

TOUCHSTONE represents the latest bottling from Foursquare Distillery, Barbados. The twenty-second release (Mark XXII) in the award-winning Limited Edition Exceptional Cask Selection series. This release enjoys an element of collaboration as a part of its maturation. In January 2019 Foursquare Distillery became the home to the ten casks of the CAMUS Caribbean Expedition Cognac program. After a year, in early 2020 the casks were disgorged, and the liquid shipped back to France. However, the casks remained, and were re-filled with 2008 Vintage, 12-Year-Old Foursquare ex-bourbon cask Single Blended Rum and matured for a further two years to complete its dual maturation. This Rum was then further blended with another 14-Year-Old Rum; A dual-maturation comprising 5 years in ex-bourbon cask, followed by a further 9 years in ex-cognac cask. A dual maturation blended with a dual maturation is the level of detail that enthusiasts have come to expect and enjoy from Foursquare releases.
TOUCHSTONE is a Single Blended Rum, in that it is a blend of heavy and light marques of Rums distilled in the copper double retort pot-still, and the continuous twin column stills of Foursquare Distillery. Entirely matured, blended, and bottled in Barbados, without chill-filtration, at its natural colour, and free from sweeteners and other flavourings.

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