Jean Baptiste Adam, Pinot Gris Reserve, 2021


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On the nose, beautiful and discreet notes of yellow fruits that are confirmed by a full and silky mouth. Round, strong and powerful, expressing fruit flavours of peach, apricot, and cherry, with flower aromas such as violet acacia (when young). When cellared, it will develop apricot and honey flavours. Flavors of nuts, smoke, and fresh butter are also characteristic of Pinot Gris.

Ideal with smoked fish and charcuterie, scrambled eggs with ham & hollandaise sauce, chicken in a cream & mushroom sauce.

The Jean-Baptiste Adam family has been working relentlessly in the vineyards and in the cellar since 1614, which makes us one of the rare family estates who can claim 400 years of history in wine making. Numerous wineries find their identity in the deepest roots of history, but few can claim four centuries of passion and tradition in wine making. This passion, dedication, and love for wine, has sent us on a continuous quest for self-improvement. Our techniques, methods, and strategies have improved year after year to produce wines that are one step closer to perfection with each successive vintage. More than just a name, the estate of Jean Baptiste Adam of Ammerschwihr, stands out as a true landmark in the long, storied history of Alsace winemaking. More than just a wine, each bottle of Jean Baptiste Adam reflects 400 years of expertise and 14 generation of improvements.

  • Contains Sulphites
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