Michael Opitz Sauvignon - Pinot Gris

Austrian Sauvignon Blanc - Pinot Gris


"Organic, Biodynamic, young, trendy, and Austrian! Michael Opitz is part of the new generation of wine growers, no longer producing mainstream but rather, distinctive, confident wines. The personality of this wine grower is reflected in the style of the wines, which are considered and confident without excessive inclination towards the dramatic. Michael Opitz also particularly values sustainability in the winery. This includes improvements in the vineyard and in the cellar as well as considerations concerning transport, packaging materials and many other aspects.

This, his Sauvignon-Pinot Gris blend is a revelation! A truly sophisticated wine, full of finesse and soft tones, with Burgundy elegance and reserved coolness. A fascinating, sensuous palate, with fully mature flavours, which impresses from the first sip. The herbaceous tang of Sauvignon creates a fine balance of sweet fruitiness and crisp acidity."

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