Pievalta, Perlugo Zero Spumante


The vortex is created by dynamizing in water the biodynamic preparations that are to be distributed on the soil and plants to bring life. A zero-dosage wine that was born at Pievalta and coincides with the experience of Barone Pizzini. Fresh, floral, and lively with the perfume of aromatic herbs, bread crust, almond husk, and helichrysum. Sapid and persistent. The grapes are fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks for 6 months, the wine is the left refining in bottle on its lees for 24 months.

Ideal as an aperitif and with fish and shellfish dishes, delicate meats, and unseasoned cheeses.

Pievalta was founded in 2002 and its history is linked to that of Barone Pizzini, which chose Castelli di Jesi, recognising the great potential of the Verdicchio as one of the most important native vines of Italy. Barone Pizzini first bought 24 hectares in Maiolati Spontini where the cellar is located, and, after a few months, another 5.5 hectares on Monte Follonica in San Paolo di Jesi. The management of the project was assigned to Alessandro Fenino, an oenologist with a number of harvests at Barone Pizzini under his belt, working alongside the agronomist Pierluigi Donna. Alessandro left Milan and, in a radical life choice, ended up in Maiolati Spontini, where he fell in love with this splendid territory and its Verdicchio. After managing the vineyards from the outset under an organic regime, Alessandro moved naturally to biodynamics and in 2007 Pievalta becomes the first certified biodynamics winery in the Marche.

  • Contains Sulphites
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