Portal da Calcada, Vinho Verde Rose Escolha


Portal da Calçada Vinho Verde Rosé is a beautiful pale yet bright salmon pink rosé from the Vinho Verde Region of Portugal. It expresses the character of the Vinho Verde with subtle red fruit notes and an exquisitely easy-drinking style, perfect for summer. The racy acidity that Portal da Calçada Vinho Verde Rosé is blessed with makes for a very fresh and attractive wine.

Ideal with light salads and seafood dishes, sushi, and sashimi.

It is believed that Casa da Calçada was built in 1707, but the registration of the first guests only takes place in 1809. We are talking about Napoleon's invading army that, after prolonged resistance on the part of the Amarantines, settled on that property to be closer to the wine that was already produced there. Before leaving, they set the House on fire. It was the Lago Cerqueira family that at the end of the 19th century bought the property and rebuilt it. It was in 2001 that Casa da Calçada began its new life as a hotel. Quinta da Calçada is located in the historic centre of Amarante in the Vinho Verde region. Quinta da Calçada has always asserted itself in the production of quality wines, focusing on the interpretation of terroir wines, specializing in white wines. At Quinta da Calçada they have a philosophy of non-intervention and respect for nature. To this end, they mainly adopt traditional winemaking techniques, and wherever possible try to adapt them to a sustainability strategy. The wines are a reflection of their interpretation of the vineyards, with a focus on the consumer and the moment of consumption.

  • Contains Sulphites
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