Proyecto Nakkal, Simple Pet Nat Rose


Beautiful rose-pink colour. The nose is truly inviting, packed as it is with red fruits like strawberry and cherry. The exuberant fruit continues on the palate, highlighted by a creamy mousse. Fresh and flavoursome with an intense midpalate and moreish finish. Macerated for 2 hours and then fermented, without any additions, for 22 days. The wine is then bottled at the very end of fermentation, so it completes the process in the bottle.

Ideal with fresh salads, sea food, sushi, and desserts.

Proyecto Nakkal is made by Santi Degásperi and Nico Monforte childhood friends who studied oenology together, and in 2020 started their dream of making natural wines in Uruguay. Why the name Nakkal? The Nakkales, ancient priests of the lost continent “Atlantis” guarded the knowledge, wisdom, and energy of the population. Among its principles, intervene as less as possible in order to generate a natural balance and guarantee the collective well-being. An inspiration and the premise for making their wines. The vineyards are located in two regions in the south of Uruguay, El Colorado and Paso de La Arena. Both are highly influenced by the Río de La Plata, with a distance of 15km from El Colorado, and 4km from Paso de La Arena. As for the climate, both are characterized by having clay soils, with a high content of organic matter, a cool climate, a high rainfall regime, and a moderate thermal amplitude. The style of their wines reflects these characteristics of the area, which allow them to produce wines with a lower alcohol content, light tannins, good acidity, and a lot of freshness. All vineyards are managed with sustainable production protocols, seeking the greatest care for the environment and the environment, and the use of raw materials and by-products from the place. We avoid the use of any type of product that has a negative impact on our vineyard, or the ecosystem in which they coexist.

  • Contains Sulphites
  • Vegan
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