Prum, Solitar Riesling, 2021


Aromatic, green apple, a hint of sherbert and fine stone fruits. Wonderful harmony of fruit and acidity. Fresh clean and vibrant.

Ideal with oven baked salmon or tagine with lemon and herbs, Asian dishes, particularly Thai.

Raimund Prüm alias “the Red Prüm”, inherited the vineyards in 1971. Since this time, he has modernised the winery and developed the vineyards, consistently producing wines with an international following. The vineyards are in some of the best vineyard sites of the middle Moselle. oldest vines were planted by our forefathers in 1905. These vines were never faced to the wide-spread damage caused by Phylloxera in the late 1800s and remain planted on their own roots unlike so many vineyards worldwide that had to be grafted. Not surprisingly, these vines produce fruit of unique concentration and quality. Beside their "senior citizens", the team have been developing vineyards during land consolidation in Wehlen and Bernkastel. Prum is focused on maintaining the balance between old and young vines to produce the best possible expression of site in their wines.

  • Contains Sulphites
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