Trevethan Cask Aged Golden Rum


This Cask Aged Rum is a very special release that the Trevethan Distillery team have been working on for nearly 2 years now; maturing it until it reached its own natural peak in flavour, colour, and body. It started life as a simple wash of sugar (molasses to be precise) and water, then after some time in copper pot stills where a few very special whole coffee beans were added for extra flavour; It became a beautifully smooth white rum with hints of coffee and orange. The rum was then left in ex-bourbon barrels and let it mature for over 18 months. The result is the white rum is now a beautiful golden colour, and the flavour has matured as well. Now, the coffee and orange notes have become wedded to vanilla, dark fruit and ginger flavours and aromas, with a smooth and rounded mouthfeel.

Trevethan Distillery create a range of world class, multi award winning spirits in the small rural county of Cornwall, inspired by a family recipe created by Norman Trevethan in 1929. Fast forward to 2015 when his grandson Robert Cuffe, an engineer, and his friend John Hall, a chemist, decided to breathe life back into an old family tradition and Trevethan Distillery was re-born.
Today Trevethan has become an internationally recognised, multi award winning distillery with a growing portfolio of exceptional handcrafted spirits. The team passionately believe that using skilled crafts people, traditional methods and the highest quality sustainable ingredients produce the best quality results. By being true to these humble core values, they consistently provide their customers with the greatest sensory experience they can possibly offer.

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